The section is as if we are resetting Bios admin password of an HP Probook. As it will not remove the password, but it may reset the clock and as SMC files are time coded, a large disparity between the system clock and the time encoded in the SMC may cause it to fail. HP Bios password, SMC.BIN not working - posted in Internal Hardware: Hi,I am having serious trouble trying to unlock a Bios password and it is driving me mad. This process may be different for your computer and model. BIOS password reset utility SMC.BIN ‎01-12-2017 01:27 PM Hello.I have hp elitebook 8440p and its bios locked by i can remove bios password from my laptop.please help me. Step A. The laptop in … Strange!!!!! Just to note: Do not try removing the RTC/BIOS battery. Turn off your laptop or computer. REO When talking to the HP rep ask them to escalate your service request. Plug the USB (Pen Drive) to a 2.0 USB port (In case of an HP laptop). How to Reset BIOS Password using SMC.bin. I just contacted with hp chat support and they refused that there is not any kind of SMC.bin file to remove bios password, instead they adv me if I can log into windows which I cannot because its already been crashed there is no other way to reset bios password.

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