Start the Blancco Drive Image Configuration Tool service (Start Blancco Drive Eraser Configuration Tool shortcut on the Windows desktop).

Ensure your sensitive data has been permanently erased from your IT assets with the most certified and advanced drive erasure software solution on the market, with a 100% tamper-proof Certficate of Erasure for every erasure …

Scheduling and scripting: The administrator user can create scripts for automated erasure … Blancco File Eraser Data Center Edition: Certified and approved for Windows Server versions: 2012, 2008, 2003, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

The full suite of solutions is designed to offer users the ability to easily manage and automate data erasure routines to ensure full compliance and enhanced security. Also make sure that Blancco Drive Eraser Server ISO image is configured to remove "logical disks" (Drive Eraser Configuration Tool -> Open the ISO image -> Security -> LOGICAL DISK -> Remove). Unzip the package and run the JAR file. Product Quick Start Guides; Erasure Products; Erasure Software Tools Blancco File enables secure, selective data erasure on active PCs.
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Introducing Blancco Drive Eraser – the industry’s most certified data erasure software for permanent data sanitization. Download the Blancco Drive Eraser Image Configuration Tool software.

64 bit image is recommended to be used by default with servers that have high amount of drives and more than 4 gigabytes of RAM memory. Blancco Technical Support Portal. Download Blancco Drive Eraser ISO image(s). Make sure that Java JRE has been installed. Blancco Drive Eraser allows organizations of all sizes to safely resell, repurpose or dispose of drives when they’ve reached end-of-life to meet security, compliance and CSR purposes. Blancco Drive Erasure provides permanent erasure for data on storage devices – regardless of underlying technology – that’s cost-effective, secure and eco-friendly. Blancco File Eraser - Home Edition Securely, permanently erase data and files from active PCs and laptops.

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