Welcome to Apex Muscle Journal. We have collaborated to bring you a bodybuilding and fitness magazine that cuts through the B.S. and provides real information that you can put to use today. The cyber age has improved the dissemination of information more than anything in history. Unfortunately, more often than not the vast sources that are available include incomplete or inaccurate information.

When it comes to bodybuilding this couldn’t be more accurate.

In an age where people want quick answers the market is flooded with articles like, “One Day Arm Cure” or “Instant Abs”. More often than not these articles are either ghost written or penned by people that have never pushed their bodies to the extent we do. Apex Muscle Journal will give you real world training without headline articles that are just used to grab attention.

Some magazines will give you one workout, but they won’t put it in the context of a mesocycle. This is important. If you don’t know how to progress your routine you’re setting yourself up for failure. We will give you the big picture.

Other magazines try to be the smart guy in the room. They push study after study, but never explain how to apply this information. Many times these studies can’t even be applied because they aren’t conclusive. Don’t’ get us wrong, we love science. Science can direct our training, and nutrition, but it is no substitute for the real world. When we do get into science we will give you the sources, explain the limits on the information, and show you how to apply this information. We also will tell you when we don’t know and if something is just an educated guess.

Apex Muscle Journal also is striving to bring you videos you can use. We use training videos with NO fake weights or boring videos that make you want to take a nap instead of inspire you. We will bring you information you can apply today from people that have been where you are and have went on to achieve success.

We promise to continue to improve this magazine. Your feedback is very important to us. Please let us know how we are doing, what we can improve on, and what you would like to see. This is your magazine!!


David Samuel
Deputy Editor/Staff Writer


Joe Lalli
Creative Director/Staff Writer


Carlos Rodriguez
Director of Communications/Staff Writer


John O’Brien
Executive Advisor

Steve Colescott
Executive Advisor

Steve Spaudling
Executive Advisor

Naomi Rossman