Ingredients . Warm up olive oil in a 10" or 12" skillet. To the same skillet, add onions and garlic and sauté 1 minute. This is on our go-to list of recipes right now because it’s so easy and delicious. Pan Fried Tilapia with Green Peppercorns The Recipe Wench tilapia fillets, cornstarch, chicken broth, fresh lemon juice and 6 more Pan-Fried Tilapia Tacos with Chipotle Mayo Food and Wine - The Recipe Wench Healthy Coleslaw Recipe. Fried Tilapia or any kind of fried fish is easy to cook. Food Network Shows How to Crush, Slice and Mince Garlic. It can be used in the preparation of different dishes. Healthy Coleslaw Recipe. Salads. Fresh seafood, along with the Asian-inspired ingredients, just brings me BACK. I grew up on frozen fish sticks and salmon patties and, well, that’s all I have to say about that. Transfer fish to oven to keep warm. It’s a very versatile fish – and it can be cooked up in just minutes with today’s pan fried tilapia recipe. For that, you need tilapia fillets, 2 tsp of Cajun seasoning, 3 tbsp of self-rising flour, ½ cup of yellow cornmeal, 2 tbsp of olive oil and 1 tbsp of butter. Salads. Shake off any excess seasoned flour and place in the skillet. Using a rocking motion with the knife, make thin slices by moving the knife slowly across the clove. I served with lemon wedges. from the web. Place flour, salt, pepper and garlic powder in bag. 2020 29. I served with lemon wedges. Pan Fry fillets until golden brown on both sides. Sprinkle fillets with salt and pepper. Regional Style: Cajun/Creole. Tis the season for cookies and pie and gingerbread, and we’re so ex Combine first 6 ingredients, stir­ring well with a whisk; set aside. Rub 1 tablespoon Cajun Blackening Blend onto each piece of fish, liberally coating both sides. I’ve never been much a fish eater. NOM NOM NOM! I look forward to trying Cajun-seasoned pork chops, and chicken breasts, too! Avoid bruising with our tips for washing and chopping herbs. Mix the corn meal and Old Bay seasoning thoroughly, then spread out on a platter. tilapia fillets 1 cup all-purpose flour 3 eggs, beaten 2 cups panko bread crumbs Cajun seasoning, to taste (I used 2 tsp. Roughly chop the clove then move your free hand flat across the tip of the knife and use a rocking motion to chop the garlic until it’s finely minced. The butter can be reduced if you are looking to cut fat, but I think the butter adds so much flavor to this dish. To peel a clove, cut away the root end with your knife. In a small bowl, combine the mustard and mayonnaise; generously coat tilapia fillets with the mixture then coat with breadcrumbs. Perfect for a weeknight meal when you need dinner on the table, fast! Coat tilapia fillets lightly, but thoroughly with corn meal and Old Bay mixture. Print Pin Rate. All rights reserved. Mix the corn meal and Old Bay seasoning thoroughly, then spread out on a platter. Sep 28, 2013 - Deliciously seasoned tilapia (white fish) dish. Excellent recipe for pan-fried fish - easy and delicious! Brown on both sides, about 2 to 3 minutes per side. Salads. Add peppers and … Tilapia fillets are pan fried and served with a simple yet delicious cream sauce with oyster mushrooms. Salads. My kids favorite way of eating tilapia. 2. Crispy Pan-Fried Tilapia. Main Ingredient: Fish. Separate the cloves. Dredge fillets lightly in flour, and coat both sides of fillets with cooking spray. Kale and Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad with Bacon. Try this pan-fried tilapia with a mustard mixture and crumb coating. This recipe is pan seared so it comes together super fast and perfect for those busy weeknights. Then dip the tilapia into the eggs and then place it in the Parmesan cheese and panko mixture. 16 oz tilapia; Directions. Add fish and shake to coat. Alternative Recipe For Pan-Fried Tilapia. Simple pan-fried Tilapia with lots of colorful bell peppers makes a quick and easy, delicious and healthy meal! Flip each piece of tilapia and continue cooking until fish is 140 degrees. Heat oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Heat oil over medium-high heat until almost smoking. I am sharing this recipe post just so you know how I do it. We are all about tasty treats, good eats, and fun food. Trust me, you will want to double this recipe. Total Time 15 mins. Add floured fillets to skillet and pan fry for 2 minutes on each side or until cooked through. Add onion, garlic, Cajun seasoning, basil, parsley, and lemon-pepper seasoning. Food Network teaches how to crush, slice and mince garlic. Sandra's pan-fried tilapia is great for those who don't like a fishy taste. Shake off any excess seasoned flour and place in the skillet. Tilapia: 2 lbs. My kids favorite way of eating tilapia. Read More Course/Dish: Fish. You can easily make a flavorful seafood dinner, like my Garlic Parmesan Crusted Salmon or Garlic Mushroom Shrimp Pasta. If you remember your Sunday School lessons…tilapia is what Jesus fed the masses! To crush the peeled garlic, lay the flat side of the knife over the clove and smash it again. As for purchasing tilapia, I find frozen fillets are best as they are frozen right away and often the freshest. Healthy Pan Fried Tilapia Recipe | Healthy Pan Fried Fish Recipe #HarjinderSidhu #SidhuDIY #EasySteps Ingredients List: 4 pcs.