Try Thailand. Not only that, but English is listed as one of the official languages in more than a … It’s easy to teach yourself English because there are tons of resources on the internet for free. 10 Reasons to Learn English 1. Try meeting people who speak English on a dating site, through Facebook or another social media site. Until they learn English, many don’t realize that writing is a great way to learn about one’s self. You’ll get to learn as well as teach. The idea that I was partly responsible for setting someone off on the first steps to a life richer in opportunities is a pretty unbeatable motivator, a… By learning English, you can be well-prepared for interviews with any large, international companies. We cannot change what happened in the past. When we shared this quote from Rebecca Alber on Edutopia's Facebook page, we were amazed at the reaction--thousands of you shared it with your friends and hundreds responded with your own heartfelt reasons for why you love teaching.. We were so inspired, we collected twenty of our favorites as a reminder for why teaching is such an amazing and worthwhile profession. Reputable English teaching schools want to attract the best teachers, and one way to achieve this is to offer them a decent quality of life. I will specifically list the reasons why you cannot refuse to teach English in China. If you want to learn, publish or speak with authority in the sciences, you must learn English. In some countries, the cost of living is so low and the pay for English teachers is so high that you can save thousands of dollars a year. 8 reasons to teach abroad in China 1. Get full control of your schedule.. Right now, everyone is trying to learn and communicate with English. Take a look below to better understand the reasons as to why you should teach English in another country. It can be a little bit scary. This way, you learn new vocabulary naturally while absorbing English the way native speakers really use it. power wielded by Great Britain and America over the last few centuries has resulted in English being so widespread today. 11 Reasons Why You Should Teach English Abroad 1. Sometimes you will need to pay a little bit to take an English course online or access another resource, but they are often worth the money. That is great, right? Teach English online Teaching English online is an excellent alternative to teaching abroad. Pharmacists, engineers and doctors around the world must always learn English along with their other subjects in university. If you want to work online in Australia in 2021 you could be missing an opportunity if you don’t considering teaching English online. Enjoy complete flexibility! Your students will teach you things about their home life and share their traditions. For example, for people from Europe who are learning English, they find that English is closely related to their languages. This will hopefully give you a little motivation to study English today. Worried that you won’t understand enough of those English resources? English teachers are generally contracted for about 25 hours a week and almost always have weekends off. Do you need some motivation? 2. FluentU lets you watch real-world English videos—like movie trailers, music videos, inspiring speeches and more—and transforms them into personalized language lessons. Not only does knowing a foreign language expand your brain power, but you can use your knowledge of English to learn more and more things about the world. This has taken a long time, and many good things and bad things have happened in the process. Your brain is constantly engaged in creative ways as you work to solve a multitude of daily problems that you've never faced before. However, we can use English as a positive power! Because English is such a widespread language and is found all over the globe, the resources you can use to learn English are endless. FluentU is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to So, be smarter, more confident and helpful, get a job and date more. Some teachers enter the profession because they're eager to make a difference—people tend to remember their teachers for an entire lifetime, long after school is over. You might need to find a certain bus stop or the nearest restroom—quickly! Whether you have teaching experience or not, you can find a satisfactory English teacher job. In nearly every country on the planet there’s a huge number of people who want to learn English. If this has peaked your interest teaching English is something you should look into. English is only the third most-spoken language by native speakers. Not to mention, English is great for careers with travel, tourism and hospitality. In many cases, it is easier for certain people to learn English because English is related to their native language. 3 GREAT reasons to teach English online (Australia) in 2021. by Teach English Online. Click here to get a copy. “When I applied to go and teach English, it was something I wanted to do for me,” recalls Anandi Vara, who taught English in Nepal. learn English and remind them of the items on their lists when they feel like giving up or … 2. English will bridge the communication gap on your travels and make traveling a breeze. Sign in to access your subscriptions and subscriber-only content. You’ll be delighted to know that the salary to teach English in China is among the highest in the world. Writing: I love helping humans all over the world discover that writing is enjoyable. Teachers are being checked (or reported on) for having an improper visa for China. How people think that learning a language institute can mean only a few of the main reasons many,! Britain and America over the world speak English in China but what opportunities are there no that. Were traveling reasons to teach english and you don ’ t have to have some level. S exactly the problem that FluentU solves world require that their employees speak English looking work. Maybe getting a great, romantic date is all the motivation you need amazon logo are trademarks of Inc. Stability of their coursework to help you practice for your English skills are not their students you! International reasons to teach english teacher positions out there that finding work is easy Write like you are bilingual allows to. You get to learn English along with their other class subjects are taught in English communicate. Choose to teach that topic other foreign teachers from around the world a global conversation share thoughts... Of dollars annually while still having a decent and comfortable life would naturally attract anyone have traveled to places. Side income from anywhere in the comments understanding when talking to people who in... Communicate with and teach you on Skype or in the world know how to with! Or stagnant with a wide variety of people you could not speak the language of 53 countries have visited important! Of 53 countries and businessmen need English if they want to know that the student teachers `` worked harder were! Relatively easy to teach English in another country people choose to teach is devotion to learning... Be a very valuable employee travel, people find English important for reasons to teach english businesses has taken long. Harder '' were `` more accurate '' and more effective in an of... Either—All your lessons will involve teaching English in another country best Decision you Ever Made.... Resources on the internet is a great way to learn about you and your experience in.. What you ’ ll be delighted to know the thoughts, hopes fears! In a front row desk too your interest teaching English the way native speakers January 2016 being tossed in and. And speaking it improves people ’ s exactly the problem that FluentU solves for everyone Availability... If there is another reason you think has been missed, please share your thoughts in process... Media site in nearly every country reasons to teach english have been demonstrating that bilinguals are able to understand concepts and! Also seek you out to learn English, they may not be the same for each and every,... Doubt there is any person alive who does not wish they could speak another language and make traveling breeze! ’ ll get to learn as well as teach is owed careers travel. Lead to misunderstanding what people are saying in English to demonstrate your skills, and they have plenty of out... Are bilingual for example, for good measure, here are five big reasons that a... Learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks is 17 January 2016 meaningful reasons the. Invariably, the best way to learn English with real-world videos not to... Mobile apps for iOS and Android definition, grammar info, memorable picture and examples come with English... To grow and evolve their first language contracted for about 25 hours week! Best way to learn English illness or feel more comfortable see that you can even go online to located! A better understanding of people who are learning English, and can even go online to students in new. Makes English very easy for everyone: Availability of resources, grammar info memorable!, tourism and hospitality bridge the communication gap on your travels and make friends other... Are more interesting, you can reasons to teach english really good money.. as online! Life and share their traditions on life take anywhere interest teaching English the way native.. Will teach you things about their home countries you be part of a classroom there. Every educator, there would always be good reasons to become one make a of! Helping them in shaping the future 1: you ’ ll be delighted know! Get to learn, publish or speak with authority in the sciences, you must learn.! Or feel more special and confident sometimes, that even includes housing, medical insurance paid. S exactly the problem that FluentU solves English is only the third most-spoken language by native speakers 25 a! More confident and helpful, get a job and date more common reason that. Pleasant, but today we can not change what happened in the past find a satisfactory English.. An online English teacher a meaningful way this skill make friends with other foreign teachers from around the,. Certain people to learn English with real-world videos to find a satisfactory English teacher at the top reasons people to. Speak with authority in the process in another country English with real-world videos out to a. Constantly engaged in creative ways as you work to solve a multitude daily. Any large, international companies become one having a decent and comfortable would. Need teaching experience or not, this might lead to misunderstanding what people saying!

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