Steve Spaulding Interview

Could you tell us a little about yourself and how you got into bodybuilding?  I know you had a serious accident that really changed your life.

I got into bodybuilding when I was younger watching my dad work out , so I started going with him to the gym To help me with wrestling and football. One bodybuilder that I really looked up to was Kevin Levrone. I greatly admired his aesthetic physique and have always set goals and still to this day try to achieve a similar physique.

Back on October 1st of 2003 I was involved in a near fatal motorcycle accident. I was told that it would take me about a year to walk again…needless to say I didn’t listen. I ended up having a 2 inch compound skull fracture, a shattered femur bone and a nearly severed left foot that still to this day has severe nerve damage. After all that happened I still went to the gym and I ended up doing my very first bodybuilding show hours later.

What are your current goals for competition?

My current goal this year was the place top 10 at North Americans which I achieved and I’m very happy with my showing. There was a few things that I want to correct but overall I can’t complain and I’m pretty happy considering that I am pretty much a rookie on the national level scene.

How would you describe your training philosophy?

When it comes to training philosophy, I am very old school I believe in doing a lot of power building styles of training. I feel that you need to lift heavy enough weight to stimulate muscle tissue growth to add some quality muscle but while at the same time doing higher reps on accessory movements to help shape and tone the muscles.

I know you used  to prefer db’s to barbells for chest work.  Do you still do this, and why did you switch?

I still do prefer to use dumbbells rather than barbell.

In regards to chest training many of our readers would be interested in how you incorporate the DB Pullover in your workout.  I myself have used this with success for back training, but the chest version of this movement is very different.  How do you perform this movement and where do you put it in your workout?

When I do these are usually do them towards the end of the work out when my chest is already pretty fatigued, so then the workload doesn’t take much and I’m able to focus on a good squeeze

Are there any body parts you are trying to bring up?  If so, what are they and what strategy are you taking to make it happen?

At the moment I’m just over all trying to add more mass, I do need more quad sweep and some deeper glute work.

What would you consider your best body part?  I know for many this may just be due to genetics, but do you have any tips to share?

I would probably have to say my arms. I very rarely train them and they grow like weeds. I will train them for maybe a month or so and they will usually grow close to an inch and a half if not more leading into the show.

What kind of nutrition regimen do you follow offseason versus contest prep?

I pretty much feel the same regiment as far as protein and carbs go, in the offseason I had a lot more fat to my diet and I increase my carbs by about 20%.

What is your favorite cheat meal?  I heard it was cookies.  Are you able to incorporate some junk into your plans?

Cookies are good but my all-time favorite is definitely carrot cake. It is hard for me to turn down a good slice of carrot cake

How did you feel about your placing at North Americans?  You looked incredible.  You definitely stepped up your game.

I felt pretty content with my placing at North Americans I thought it was fair. Like I said… my goal was to make the top 10 and I did just that so I am happy, that being said after looking at pictures I could tell that I was holding water and this was primarily due to the fact that I didn’t pull my water at all for the show because I wanted to stay fuller.

What is the next show you have planned?

My next and last show is the Ohio state bodybuilding championships on September 24th

Do you have any advice for someone coming up in the ranks in this sport?

Believe in yourself and be patient. Competing in bodybuilding is not a sprint It is a marathon and it is a lifestyle and a lifestyle change.

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