Dunleavy, although he's been streaky, can shoot it. Since Reggie Miller's retirement, the Pacers have not had a player (let alone several) that can make the 3-point shot with any consistency. Jim O'Brien: I would say we are a team that if we continue to develop our young players like Danny and Shawn and Dunleavy, even though he's been in the league for awhile and stay healthy..guys like Jermaine and Jamaal, we have the talent and ability to be competing in the NBA playoffs, and that is our intention. By Kurt Helin Dec 14, 2010, 9:35 AM EST. Indianapolis - Long before the Indiana Pacers tip off, their coach is on the job. A preview of the Orlando Magic's game against the Indiana Pacers on Wednesday, January 26th, 2011. If you make a request through So much for Progress. No. All rights reserved. He earned his Bachelor's Degree from Saint Joseph's in 1974 and received his MBA from the University of Maryland in 1981. Josh Sandstrom (Pittsboro, IN): How do you plan to utilize Marquis Daniels. Jim (Ft. Wayne, IN): What aspects of Jamaal Tinsley's game are most important for him (and the Pacers) to succeed within your coaching schemes? With that being said, as the roster currently stands, who do you see as the players who are capable of playing the 2 guard position? WarnerMedia Privacy Center | Indiana fell in the final second to Cleveland, starting their 2020 preseason with a loss. Indianapolis, May 31, 2007 -- The Indiana Pacers announced Thursday that Jim O’Brien has been named head coach. Certainly he is a young man who is talented with the ball in his hands down low, but becomes less effective farther away from the basket. The Mavericks added former head coach Jim O'Brien to Rick Carlisle's staff on Monday, according to ESPN's Marc Stein. | Copyright © 2020 NBA Media Ventures, LLC. They all have the ability to play the two-guard spot. I think with Marquis and Jamaal Tinsley, the more up-tempo we play, the better off both of those players will be. We expect, with a summer of good conditioning, that Danny could be in for a breakout year next year. Do you envision him as a point guard or more of a wing player? On Wednesday, O'Brien stopped by Pacers.com to chat live with fans, so check out what the new coach had to say about his style of offense and much more. Eric Matz (Indianapolis): In your previous NBA coaching stints, which season do you feel, personally, you did the best job, and why? Jim O'Brien: I've had an opportunity to work with Shawn, today as a matter of fact, with his skill level. The Pacers traded former first-round pick T.J. ... Head coach Nate Bjorkgren after the Pacers preseason opener FOX59 News / 8 hours ago. Coach Jim O'Brien Sets Challenge; Pacers Look Towards Playoffs ... Coach Jim O'Brien will have a problem this year that he has not had in years past. Every day is a blast with Jim O'Brien in the studio. How many minutes do you see Ike averaging and what do you foresee his role with the Pacers? Dick Versace and Bird have spent their entire NBA coaching careers with the Pacers. Jim O'Brien will be named the next Pacers coach, multiple sources told ESPN. He then spent two seasons writing an online column for ESPN.com, The Insider. The 55-year-old O’Brien becomes the Pacers’ 13th head coach in … I know there's been talk about trading him, but we think he's a huge factor at both ends of the court. Burke spent more than 20 years with the Pacers through six different coaches. Can't make Shots, can't get Stops. Jack McKinney and Larry Bird have won the NBA Coach of the Year Award, in 1980–81 and 1997–98 respectively, with the Pacers. Yay. ... and was an afterthought in the 2006-07 season under new head coach Jim O'Brien. Leaf on Sunday. Vogel then became an Indiana Pacers assistant under Jim O’Brien and years later would become head coach of the Pacers after O’Brien was fired. Jim O'Brien: It's a good question, I think we had fairly solid years each time I was a head coach, but my first full year with the Celtics was probably the best, when we went from 27th in the league in FG defense to third and not only did we make the playoffs after a long drought, but we won two playoff series where we were probably underdogs in both series. Video. Danny Granger would be one. He really has an ability to stretch the court for an inside presence like Jermaine O'Neal. He's more of a 2-1 than a 1-2, but we can use him in both. Offense affecting Defense, etc pp. Troy Murphy's hard foul on Dwight Howard last night has again stirred the debate about the ethics of intentionally hacking an offensive player in order to prevent an easy layup or dunk. Team president Larry Bird confirmed the firing at a press conference Sunday afternoon. 1 is to create a better tempo that will have us attacking before the defense can set themselves. Granger And Shawn Willams This site is operated jointly by NBA and WarnerMedia. Looking around the web for reaction to the Orlando Magic's victory against the Indiana Pacers. Appearing on the Heavy Live With Scoop … On May 31, 2007, Jim O'Brien was named Carlisle's successor. Jim O'Brien: I think Marquis can play both the 1 and the 2. O'Brien played collegiately at Saint Joseph's University and is in that school's Hall of Fame as well as the Big Five (Philadelphia) Hall of Fame. O'Brien was also head coach at Wheeling Jesuit University from 1982–87 and the University of Dayton from 1989–94. If you make a request through the WarnerMedia Privacy Center, Tonight's Orlando Magic Game: at Indiana Pacers 640 Pacers preseason final score: Cavaliers edge past Pacers 107-104 . The veteran coach, who replaces Rick Carlisle, was not among the names mentioned early in the Indiana … Dunleavy. Do Not Sell My Personal Information | After coaching the Celtics, O'Brien coached the Philadelphia 76ers for one season in 2004-05, compiling a 43-39 record and making the NBA Playoffs. Jim O'Brien: We have a few options. One of the big things in having a team being successful with the three-ball, is having a coach committed to it. He would be a viable option backing up Jermaine, which would guarantee him double-digit minutes but he'll have to compete with David Harrison for those minutes. Pacers Talking Pacers: Jim O'Brien Expects Big Things From Roy Hibbert, The Murphleavy Era Remembered New, 12 comments By Tom Lewis @IndyCornrows Sep 21, 2010, … WHEN THE Pacers dealt Jermaine O'Neal to Toronto for point guard T.J. Ford in July, they became a franchise without a face—or a single All-Star. Each season ended in disappointing fashion, with the Pacers finishing outside … Even though it isn't a specialty of Jamaal's, he's shot at 37-percent for two years, so that's something we can work on. The decision comes after a 110-89 loss to the Chicago Bulls on Saturday night which marked the Pacers … The Magic had no answer for Pacers center Roy Hibbert, who popped off for... A preview of the Orlando Magic's game against the Indiana Pacers on Tuesday, January 5th, 2010. In some ways Jim O'Brien's hiring as Pacers coach comes as a bit of a shocker. September 25, 2009 - Head coach Jim O'Brien talks about the summer's developments and the season ahead for the Indiana Pacers during the team's Media Day. He led the Dayton Flyers to the second round of the NCAA Tournament in his first season, after winning the Midwestern Collegiate Conference; however he led the Flyers to just 10 wins in his last two seasons at the school and was fired after the 1993–1994 season. Tony in Houston: Welcome to Indy coach, I'm a native of Indy and am glad to hear your talk about being flexible and developing a style that is conducive to the roster that you have. Evan (Chicago): In your introductory new conference you talked about how your offensive game plan involves shooting a high volume of three point shots. The Pacers were in the midst of a culture shift in 2011. We'll need to be patient as he learns the NBA game, but I think he has a very strong future as a Pacer. "It certainly is a new world," says second-year coach Jim O'Brien… He has also been a head coach for Wheeling Jesuit and the University of Dayton. DALLAS (AP) — Mavericks assistant Jim O'Brien is retiring after a 30-year career that included heading coaching stints in Boston, Philadelphia and Indiana. O'Brien, 55, previously spent four seasons as the Boston Celtics' head coach, compiling a 139-119 record (.539) with playoff appearances in 2002 and 2003, including a trip to the Eastern Conference Finals in 2002. Hasan (marietta,GA): where do you see the pacers next season Danny is a good three-point shooter. Danny is further along and was challenged last year to be one of the key weapons behind Jermaine and he responded well. Jim O'Brien was hired Thursday as head coach of the Indiana Pacers. it will apply to data controlled jointly by the NBA and WarnerMedia as well as other data controlled by WarnerMedia. Sounds like the Mavs of last years, taking every available Excuse in order to lose Games. He protects the basket, takes charges, blocks shots and he's been the No. However, his minutes have been limited. No portion of NBA.com may be duplicated, redistributed or manipulated in any form. Kyle (Holly Springs): What player, if you could only choose one, are you most excited about coaching and why? What needs to change to improve the team's offensive production? Jim O'Brien. O'Brien … An up-tempo game will suit Jamaal better than a slower tempo. 1 scoring option for the Pacers for a number of years. 361 - Dallas: Ike Diogu is an exciting young talent. Jim O'Brien, who served as the Boston Celtics' head coach from 2000-2004, was fired after three and a half seasons at the helm of the Indiana Pacers on Sunday.. Manage Preferences. Carlesimo, Isiah Thomas, Jim O’Brien and Frank Vogel. O'Brien has just finished his 3rd year as head coach of the Pacers. Frank Vogel was named interim head coach after Jim O'Brien … Where do... Had Mike Dunleavy been allowed to be on the court during the final seven minutes of the Indiana Pacers loss to Sacramento last week, it could have meant a +1 in the win column. Troy Murphy can knock down threes. ... Rick Adelman, Mike Brown, P.J. Rick Carlisle is a good set offense coach, but I prefer a higher tempo and will challenge our team..on a miss shot and a made shot...to get the ball across halfcourt in three seconds, which should prevent the defense from setting themselves, so we'll be more unpredictable than we were in the past. The decision to fire O'Brien, who guided Indiana to a 17-27 record this season, came from former Celtics star and current Pacers President of Basketball Operations Larry Bird. Doesn't your offensive approach contradict the ability of players you've been given? We grew alot in one year, so that would probably make that our best year. Steve Indianpolis: What Do Think Of The Potential of Danny Jim O'Brien: Ike's minutes, like everyone else on the team, will be based on his performance. Jim O'Brien gets to work early every day, something his wife and children have gotten used to during his years in the NBA. Share this: Click to share on Facebook (Opens in … Nick (Dallas):: Last year the team finished last in field goal percentage. Harrison was out the league … O'Brien made it clear that he intended to take the Pacers back to the playoffs in the 2007–08 season, but he did not, and did not in his … We don't want to take bad three-point shots, our definition of a good three is when we have a standstill open three-pointer. O’Brien was a combined 121-169 in his tenure as Head Coach of the Pacers. Jim O'Brien became the 13th coach in Pacers history on May 31, 2007. Dallas coach Rick Carlisle said … Privacy Act, please use the links below to visit each company’s privacy center. Jim O’Brien was ejected during a game in Chicago and never coached the team again, replaced by young assistant Frank Vogel, who … Marquis Daniels. Come game time, two of Coach O'Brien… Oh, and he's pretty good at the weather, too. Former head coach Jim O'Brien was fired yesterday, and Vogel took over the reigns of this team tonight, and they responded with a win. Jim O'Brien: I would say it would be Jermaine O'Neal. O'Brien has been in the coaching profession since 1974-75, serving as an assistant coach at Wheeling Jesuit College, Pembroke State College, the University of Maryland, Saint Joseph's University, the University of Oregon, the New York Knicks, the University of Kentucky and the Celtics. "This isn't all on Jim… Marquis takes advantage of mismatch, brings Celtics back form deficit. To opt out of the sale of your personal information as permitted by the California Consumer If Diener, Foster, and … James Francis Xavier O'Brien Born: February 11, 1952 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania High School: Roman Catholic HS in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania College: Saint Joseph's More coach info Jim O'Brien: I want to thank everybody for their questions today, it's always a pleasure to interact with our fans and I look forward to doing this again soon. A recap of the Orlando Magic's 109-98 win over the Indiana Pacers on Wednesday night, which featured stellar all-around play from Matt Barnes (10 points, 16 rebounds, 6 assists) and Dwight Howard's... A recap of the Orlando Magic's 97-90 loss to the Indiana Pacers on Tuesday night, its 5th road defeat in its last 6 tries. Jim O'Brien: Jamaal has such a strong ability to handle the ball that the more he can penetrate, under control, into the lane, the more opportunities he's gonna create for himself and his teammates. NBA Privacy Center | His role is yet to be determined. The Mavericks added former head coach Jim O'Brien to Rick Carlisle's staff on Monday, according to ESPN's Marc Stein. Pacers Jim O’Brien doesn’t think Roy Hibbert is having a good season. Terms of Use | Jim O'Brien: There are a number of things. the NBA Privacy Center, it will apply to data controlled independently by the NBA. I want to get Marquis in situations where he's one-on-one. From ESPN News Services and Marc Stein: Five weeks after firing Rick Carlisle, the Indiana Pacers have … Jim O'Brien has been fired as the head coach of the Indiana Pacers, team president Larry Bird announced on Sunday. This brings us to the case of Jim O'Brien. Dallas Mavericks Hire Jim O'Brien As Assistant Coach, Tonight's Orlando Magic Game: at Indiana Pacers, Mavs @ Pacers Post Game 37 Quotes "A Bad Combination", IC Cold Links: Daniels overpowers other PG's, brings Celtics back, Charlotte Bobcats at Indiana Pacers preview -- Game 22, Orlando Magic 109, Indiana Pacers 98: The Morning After, Off-Day Open Thread: Dwight Howard, Orlando Magic Teammates Unhappy with Other Teams for Fouling Howard Hard, IC Cold Links: O'Brien Will Play Dunleavy In Close Games, Despite Minute Limit. Indianapolis - The Indiana Pacers have fired coach Jim O'Brien after failing to make the playoffs in three losing seasons. Jim O'Brien: We think that we have players that can shoot the three. Accessibility and Closed Caption | O'Brien then served as an assistant coach to Rick Pitino at the University of Kentuckyfrom 1994 to 1997 and then with the Boston Celtics fro… Leave a comment. Shawn Williams can shoot the three.