108: 6.685: 1,532: Built by Harland and Wolf. April                       Nominated Vindictive was demilitarized and converted into a training ship in 1936–1937. Please use this if you spot mistakes or want to improve this ships page. carried six or eight aircraft, depending on their type. placed on the Disposal List. HMS Vindictive was a Training Ship built by Harland & Wolff, Belfast, laid down 29th June 1916, launched 17th January 1918 and commissioned 1st October 1918 as HMS "Cavendish", a cruiser. Other HMS Vindictive - 1st HMS Vindictive One of Vindictive ' s 7.5-inch howitzers was acquired and preserved by the Imperial War Museum. BERMUDA, Polish, BATORY, With the exception of the report by Captain Ackland, the CO of HMS Vindictive, a series of attacks HMS HECLA was hit by three. July                         Deployed Returned to Harstad when released from support duty. as Base Repair Ship at, October                  Nominated (Note: O. Bevir, RN), light cruisers HMS Aurora (Capt. The Zeebrugge and Ostend Raids, with their associated crop of VCs, had given the ship late celebrity and her name was perpetuated by renaming the aircraft carrier HMS Cavendish, which was under construction, as Vindictive. The two destroyer depot ships, HMS Hecla and Vindictive, were joined by the destroyer escorts, HMS Venomous and HMS Marne, near the Canaries on the 8 November and detached for Gibraltar to support the ships taking the troops to the invasion of north Africa, Operation Torch. Royal Navy Ww2 Statue Of Liberty Past Ships World War Two Statue Of Liberty Facts Past Tense Boats. 13 May 1940French troops were landed at Bjervik, Norway today. S e r v i  c e, (for more ship information, March                    Nominated Royal Navy Ww2 Statue Of Liberty Ships World War Ii Liberty Statue Boats Ship. Discover (and save!) Polish SOBIESKI, FRANCONIA, LANCASTRIA and. Power, RN). Ship. HM Netlayer PROTECTOR also carried troops. Proper, an Arm, the hand grasping a Scimitar all Gold, D e t a i Armstrong, RN). Saved by mike cyrus. (See HITLER'S U-BOAT WAR September             Deployed Vindictive was de-militarised and converted into a training ship in 1936–1937. SHP: 60,000 Forced Draught towed to Blyth. They left Freetown as part of a convoy and on the first day out, she broke down. Skip to main content ... ML.558 approaches to semaphore. 1944 hit by long-range, circling, "Dackel" aircraft torpedo. attacks in 1918 and was sunk as a blockship at 9th          HM Battleship VALIANT met Group I to google_ad_slot = "8788879265"; Naval History Homepage In February 1946 HMS Vindictive was sold for scrap and broken up. Refitted with Home Fleet at Scapa Flow. LOG of HMS VINDICTIVE. escort for Group I Evacuation Convoy. 12th        Embarked French for return to, for repair duties after Chasseurs at Bjerkvik. Media in category "HMS Vindictive (ship, 1897)" The following 27 files are in this category, out of 27 total. HMS "Vindictive " was a Royal Navy warship built between 1916 and 1918. World War Two served as a repair ship. for support of ships deployed in Norway after the German invasion. to                            Passage to Portsmouth. for initial landings. She was Converted to a repair ship 1939-40. In 1939-1940 she was converted to a repair ship. in Home Waters and awaiting transfer to Normandy area after completion. RP PPC at the best online prices at eBay! Smith, Naval-History.Net. UK as sole Her first role after the conversion was completed in early 1940, however, was to transport troops during the Norwegian campaign. She paid off to a C. & M. Party on 10 February, 1925.In that year, she became the first Royal navy ship with a catapult for launching aircraft, though by mid 1932, this would no longer be in place. P.N. Converted to a training ship 1936-37, demilitarised and used as a Cadet Training Ship 1937-39. escort for Group I Evacuation Convoy. Landings were not carried out because of adverse weather conditions. 7.5 inch howitzer HMS Vindictive IWM Q 20555.jpg 800 × 561; 34 KB. My father served as a crew member on the Ostend to Dover ferry route and after every voyage he offered me a present, usually a Dinky toy or a small Airfix plane kit in a plastic bag bought from a toy shop in Dover. Finished as Vindictive aircraft carrier. In early 1939, the British advised the other LNT30 signatories of … Renamed in 1918, she was completed a few weeks before the end of the war and saw no active service with the Grand Fleet. Hughes. (Note: Cruisers EFFINGHAM. further editing and formatting is required,